THE LA METHOD focuses on lifestyle habits. Habits not only shape our lives, they shape our health and physique. Fitness is a lifestyle, a lifestyle based on your daily habits, not how much time you spend at the gym.

so take control of all your goals

THE LA METHOD elevates your perception of fitness through tackling your health and wellness goals with concepts like goal ownership, self-monitoring, time efficiency, activity level, workout regimen, and nutritional choices.


By challenging you mentally, THE LA METHOD will teach you how to adopt successful habits not only to get the physique (look) and health (feel) you desire, it will teach you how to take ownership of all your goals and - more importantly - it teaches you how to stay motivated and committed.


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    Sun’s out, fun’s out! summer time is full of brunches, rooftop parties, bbq’s, travel, and many festivities. So how does one stay fit , or skinny¬†(for all you psychos) ? It’s Imperative that you have stay active. Walk, bike, hike, golf, paddle board, or try a class you’ve done before . When you’re calories increase., […]

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