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The Program

Everyone deserves to feel special on their wedding day. This is the one day that you can work towards to physically and emotionally present your spouse with the person they will spend the rest of their lives with, so why not make it the best version of you?

The LA METHOD will get you there. LA has helped spouses for over 40 weddings achieve their desired results. The plan that is developed is focused on a series of goals that takes into account the complexities of the average wedding year.

This is why the LA METHOD takes a minimum of 6 months to fully transform a bride/groom. Furthermore, the dedication that LA puts into these special personnel only allows him to book 8 brides/grooms a year.

Training together will provide a special bond and LA provides packages to facilitate this experience.

"Strong is the new skinny! Our society puts so much emphasis on being thin and while I have always been petite, there have been many times I wanted to lose a few pounds to be skinnier. After going through the training experience with Louie and seeing how proper nutrition, sticking to healthy routines and combining cardio and strength training transformed my body, I will never say I want to be "skinnier" again! Now, I am more concerned about maintaining low body fat, muscle tone and a healthy heart rate during cardio workouts. I have also learned that consistency, balance and moderation are the keys to long term success."
~ Rachel Frishman