Secrets to Keeping That Summer Bod

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Sun’s out, fun’s out! summer time is full of brunches, rooftop parties, bbq’s, travel, and many festivities. So how does one stay fit , or skinny (for all you psychos) ? It’s Imperative that you have stay active. Walk, bike, hike, golf, paddle board, or try a class you’ve done before . When you’re calories increase., […]

Why you should pick up the gloves

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From moms to models to actors, everyone is putting on the gloves. Boxing targets the entire body in a number of ways. it improves strength and cardiorespiratory fitness. Coordination, balance, proprioception, agility, explosiveness, and core training. That’s just from the actual art itself. What you don’t see is the plyometrics and calisthenics that are combine […]

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