Secrets to Keeping That Summer Bod

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Sun’s out, fun’s out! summer time is full of brunches, rooftop parties, bbq’s, travel, and many festivities. So how does one stay fit , or skinny (for all you psychos) ?
It’s Imperative that you have stay active. Walk, bike, hike, golf, paddle board, or try a class you’ve done before . When you’re calories increase., your activity needs to as well. Walk to and from dinner. Visiting a new city.. take a bike ride to take it in.  book a trendy fitness class and hit brunch afterward.  Be creative, think outside the box if you can’t walk or bike.  A 15 min high intensity workout in your hotel room is all it takes to rev-up your metabolism for the day. 100 burpees, 75 squats, 50 push-ups, Yea… I’m that guy.
Grilled calamari and rose’ anyone? Here’s a LA method secret– i have most of my clients, especially my brides, eat something small and healthy an hour before going out. Why? The hormone leptin will be activated , which regulates how many calories we eat and burn. Also, eat slowly. it takes about 20 mins for your body to realize you’re feeding it and that feeling of hunger will start to subside.
 Let’s be honest though, summer time is all about rose’. As the rose’ starts to flow, better yet, over flow. its important to remember you’ll be consuming more calories from sugar. Which we all should know by now is a bad thing. If ya didn’t know, now ya know! nonetheless, how do we combat this? LA method secret number two– don’t get your first glass of rose’ until your food is served. Your first goal some be to finish a glass of water before your plate and drink is served. finally, give yourself a limit of 3 glasses. You’ll be surprised to find that you ate less and may not need that third glasses of rose’. Trust the method, the LA method.

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