Why you should pick up the gloves

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From moms to models to actors, everyone is putting on the gloves.
Boxing targets the entire body in a number of ways. it improves strength and cardiorespiratory fitness. Coordination, balance, proprioception, agility, explosiveness, and core training. That’s just from the actual art itself. What you don’t see is the plyometrics and calisthenics that are combine in the workouts. The other key components that are vastly over looked are the focus and timing ( the most important skill in all sports). Unlike serval different workout regimes, you can’t lose focus with boxing. Well..you can.. you just might get hit in the face with a mitt or the bag might knock you over. There’s no room for wondering minds.
By working your entire body at once, you burn a ridiculous amount of calories. Boxing workouts typically work as interval training with a 3-1 ratio. thats maximum effort for 3 mins with 1 min rest. Because of its explosive nature boxing can boost your metabolism more than a jog or spin. Now, your burning more calories after your workout as well.
 Lastly, core training from boxing is unlike any other workout. You punch from your trunk, forcing your entire core to be engaged while rotation occurs. After a hour of punch then grouping functional core exercise is just ice on the cake.

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